ECO Magazine, POGO and SCOR Publish Milestone Special Issue Celebrating Ocean Sound Research

ECO Magazine (Environment, Coastal and Offshore) today announced the release of a special issue that celebrates collaborative efforts advancing the fast-growing field of Ocean Sound. The exclusive Ocean Sound issue is produced in partnership with the Scientific Committee on Ocean Research (SCOR), the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO), and their new international research program called the International Quiet Ocean Experiment (IQOE).

Once thought to be silent, we now know that a cacophony of specialized sounds resonates below the ocean’s surface. Over millennia, marine life has evolved to use sound for navigation, foraging and socializing, creating a natural soundscape that allows residents to thrive in an often-hostile environment. Today, noise from man-made sources such as seismic surveys, offshore construction and shipping are increasingly being introduced into the ocean, particularly in coastal zones and the Outer Continental Shelf.

"As humans continue to expand and increase our presence in the ocean, we begin to ask: How are we disrupting the ocean’s soundscape? How does this impact marine life? How will the growing contribution of human-derived sounds affect different species in the future? And, what policies are needed to protect those most at risk? These are not easy questions to answer," writes Kira Coley, ECO’s senior editor, in the issue’s Editor’s Welcome.

“While new acoustic technology is helping to fill some of our knowledge gaps, there is still a long way to go. Yet, the field of ocean sound is growing at an astonishing rate, and academics and industry are breaking new grounds each year.”

The special issue showcases some of the inspiring work taking place around the world, celebrating the progress made in recent years by collaborating academic, industry and government organizations while highlighting the work that still needs to be done to map, monitor and protect our unsilent seas.

Dr Ed Urban, Executive Director of SCOR, said “This issue of ECO Magazine is a well-balanced presentation of the issues related to sound in the ocean, with excellent articles on science, technology, management, and the environment. This publication will be helpful for public outreach related to the International Quiet Ocean Experiment. The embedded sounds from the ocean should be especially helpful to attract public interest to the issue of sound in the ocean.”

ECO Magazine’s Ocean Sound issue is made possible through the support of generous sponsors who play a vital role in ensuring this important topic is shared with global audiences, encouraging future collaborations and supporting the continuing advancement of both research and the acoustic technology that enables these discoveries.

You can access the special issue for free here.

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