Top 7 Reasons to Sponsor a Special Edition

Most people will agree that they naturally look to a known and trusted company for goods or services – especially when those goods or services can determine the quality and quantity of important ocean data.

Sponsoring conferences is old hat for the ocean industry sector. The value for money is obvious: you get a high level of brand visibility in front of your target market and, often, the investment can be measured against lead generation. But now that COVID-19 has cancelled many events for the foreseeable future, companies are exploring new ways to get that important brand exposure and lead generation for the same cost.

In 2019, ECO Magazine launched a digital magazine series that proved how successful online content can be. And there are many ways you can benefit from this success as a sponsor:

1. Direct access to your target market

Whether you are wanting to grow sales in the ocean science sector, or promote a product for a particular application, the right ‘event’ (be it a conference or special magazine edition) attracts highly interested and relevant customers.

What’s more, our special editions aren’t just shared on online but are often promoted at conferences – and with more conferences opting for a virtual experience, travel no longer hinders delegates. As a result, sponsoring a special edition not only brings your target audience to you, but it does so in large numbers.

2. Efficient lead generation

Anyone with a sales department knows the huge number of hours that goes into finding good quality leads. People choosing to read our special edition do so to learn about the latest research and to look for opportunities to collaborate. Consequently, they are more open to learning about new services and products, representing a great opportunity for your brand to showcase your offerings and expertise.

3. Stronger brand reputation

It’s a well-known fact that customers form positive opinions when your business is tied to high-profile activities. In fact, the Event Marketing Institute found that 74 percent of consumers are more likely to buy products after exposure to a branded marketing experience.

Sponsoring is also a good way to demonstrate an expertise in a certain field.

4. Grow relationships

Since the start of the pandemic, we are becoming accustom to interacting with colleagues and clients through digital platforms. Special editions create a unique and organic opportunity to digitally engage with potential customers and build new relationships.

Being a sponsor makes it easier to form connections with contributors and readers. Potential customers are typically more open to dialogue with sponsors as they are recognized as some of the most active companies in the industry.

Having a continued significant presence within the ocean industry year on year, shows your existing customers that your company is still going strong and open for business. This is important for both national and international clients.

It could also be the case that some of your customers are contributing to the edition. By sponsoring and sharing their stories, you are showing your support to their field of research.

5. Increased brand visibility

In 2019, 18,000 people visited our special editions on average. Considering the normal number of delegates attending a conference is often under 5k, you have a far greater level of brand exposure with digital magazines. There is also the added benefit of additional reach: not only will contributors share the magazine, but so will their friends, colleagues, affiliated institutes and collaborators.

6. Gain knowledge and insight

Want to know what applications are of most interested to your target audience? A special edition will contain stories, webinars, and podcasts from people active in the field. This offers valuable insights into current research projects including the tools that are being used and who is using them. This knowledge may lead to new business opportunities.

A benefit of the digital realm is the collection of data. Our team is keeping a close eye on performance and engagement which we happily share with our sponsors. We know how many visits and pageviews each issue received, we can drill down to providing engagement by page and story, and track impressions and clicks carefully. Our success is your success.

7. Benefit from ongoing exposure

An often-overlooked advantage of sponsorships is the brand recognition and visibility your company receives before the magazine is published and the ongoing exposure afterwards. In 2020, we are introducing a range of promotional material that will feature sponsors, and if you sign up early you can benefit from months of additional recognition.

A unique benefit to sponsoring our special editions is the long shelf-life - once the magazine is published, it remains in the digital world for the foreseeable future.

Learn more about our upcoming 2021 Special Issues.

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