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NEOTEK Launches SEA360 Underwater Data Acquisition and Processing Service

NEOTEK, a French specialist in instrumentation and innovative solutions for marine environments, creates its SEA360 brand in 2023 to offer underwater data collection and analysis services.

NEOTEK offers a new approach, a unique alternative to existing conventional solutions. SEA360 consists in the implementation of instrumented robotic autonomous platforms (AUVs) and the use of portable, innovative, modular, and low-carbon footprint technologies to collect high quality data.

Sea360 2 NEOTEK

(Photo credit: NEOTEK)

NEOTEK has a unique expertise combining cutting edge technologies and highly skilled personnel with a wealth of experience in data processing. Its dedicated SEA360 team is composed of specialists, engineers, technicians, and operational vessel crew. They operate at sea using a fleet of autonomous underwater drones (AUV RTSYS Comet and AUV RTSYS Nemosens) and, depending on the needs, ROVs, buoys and instrumented underwater stations. NEOTEK has its own fleet of UAVs and fixed survey platforms.

Sea360 3NEOTEK 1

Sea360 deployment with AUV. (Photo credit: NEOTEK)

These marine data services are applied to rapid environmental impact and assessment measurements, pre and post marine construction surveys, underwater inspections of structures, cables, and pipes, UXO detection, marine geophysics, hydrography, and marine archaeology. Sonar, magnetometry, bathymetry, acoustics, turbidity, sub-bottom profiling, or current data are processed and edited. They are expertly processed if requested by the partner. SEA360 responds to turnkey projects or in support of companies using conventional means; reduce project times, simplify operations at sea while maximizing data quality. This in a low carbon impact and cost rationalization approach.

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