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BiSN and Aker BP Announce Ongoing Benefits of 2020 P&A Campaign Success

Wel-lok™ technology delivered across 30-well campaigns in the North Sea.

BiSN, a leading supplier of downhole sealing solutions and technology to the global oil and gas industry, recently caught up with representatives from Aker BP regarding the successful 30-well P&A campaign conducted in the Valhall oilfield in 2020.

Extensive testing over the past two years reveals that BiSN’s Wel-lok™ technology has delivered as promised.

Technology Paves the Way for Drilling and Safely Operating New Wells

Aker BP, a major global operator, needed to safely plug and abandon 30 wells in the Valhall field in the North Sea. To achieve this, BiSN partnered with Aker BP to deploy Wel-lok technology to create safe and cost-efficient Wel-lok plugs. Not only did this provide a permanent plug and abandonment solution, but it also allowed for new wells to be drilled and operated safely for the next 30 years.

“As part of the success story, we are monitoring the same wells today, and we’re proud to say that out of the 30 wells today, there is no leakage,” said Kjetil Vadset, Senior Drilling Engineer, Aker BP.

BiSNandAkerA BiSN field technician working to set a Wel-lok™ tool for Aker BP on its successful 30-well P&A campaign on Valhall field in 2020.

Testing and Qualification of Wel-Lok Technology for in the North Sea

For two years prior to commencing the campaign in 2020, Aker BP and BiSN carried out a joint testing program at BiSN’s Houston location to ensure Wel-lok technology was the safest, most cost-effective option.

As a result of completing this rigorous testing program, BiSN Wel-lok technology received acknowledgment of consent for use, including DNV-GL verification and PSA (NORSOK) evaluation of bismuth.

“Qualifying Wel-lok technology for use in the North Sea and securing a long-term partnership with Aker BP were two major priorities for BiSN at the time,” said Paul Carragher, Founder and CEO of BiSN. “We are looking forward to continuing to develop a one team relationship with Aker BP on their forthcoming P&A campaigns.”

Deployment of Wel-Lok Technology for 30 Wells Saves Time, Reduces Costs

The active campaign that took place in 2020 provided 30 environmentally friendly permanent seals in the Valhall oilfield. By implementing Wel-lok technology over traditional cement, it is estimated that the campaign saved approximately three months of rig time or approximately $2,000,000 per well.

As part of the campaign, BiSN delivered the largest bismuth plug ever deployed to date. Produced at BiSN’s UK facility, the tool weighed in at 33,191 lbs and sealed up to 30 inches in the wellbore.

BiSN2In 2020, BiSN set the world’s largest bismuth plug using its Wel-lok™ technology.

“We're very proud. The operation has gone beyond expectations. We planned and hoped for 72 hours per installation. We're down to 33 hours per installation just now,” said Kjetil Vadset, Senior Drilling Engineer, Aker BP.

Developing safe, permanent sealing technology for multiple applications is a top priority

BiSN continues to refine and develop Wel-lok technology for a variety of well intervention, completion, and plug and abandonment applications. Currently, Wel-lok technology has been commercially applied to 11 different applications, including water shutoff, cement repair, packer repair, and plug and abandonment.

BiSNPictured is the actual bismuth plug set in testing for qualification of Wel-lok™ technology to ensure that it was the safest, most cost-effective option. The rigorous two-year testing program was carried out at BiSN’s facility in Houston.

“BiSN has stepped up big time. They have developed a portfolio of smart systems for P&A applications, packer repair, water shutoffs, you name it,” added Egil Thorstensen, Senior Engineer P&A, Aker BP. “They now have a fleet of products that can be utilized for almost any application.”

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