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Warning Over Deep-Sea ‘Gold Rush’

New research highlights the urgent need for coherent, effective policy to safeguard the marine environment from a “gold rush” of seabed mining, which researchers warn could lead to unprecedented damage to fragile deep-sea ecosystems.

The Number of Single Male Magellanic Penguins is Rising at this Breeding Colony. Here’s Why

Like most of their stout-bodied, flippered kin, Magellanic penguins spend much of their lives in the ocean. From late autumn through winter and into spring in the Southern Hemisphere, these South American penguins swim off the coast of southern Brazil, Uruguay and northern Argentina in search of anchovies, sardines and squid.

The Long Memory of the Pacific Ocean

Historical cooling periods are still playing out in the deep Pacific

Cargolux Sponsors Relocation Flight of Beluga Whales to World First Open Water Sanctuary

The Sea Life Trust and project partner, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) have today announced that Europe’s leading all-cargo airline Cargolux will sponsor the flight to help relocate beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White from captivity in China to a sanctuary in Iceland in spring 2019.

Three Pioneers in the Study of Rising Sea Levels Win the Frontiers of Knowledge Award

The BBVA Foundation recognizes Cazenave, Church and Gregory for their achievements in detecting, understanding and projecting sea-level rise due to climate change

Study Reveals a Huge Potential for Aquaculture in the Caribbean

Overfishing is one of the major threats concerning our oceans.

New Report: Policy Design Needed to Tackle Global Environmental Threat

A pioneering new report has devised a seven-point plan to help policymakers devise new, coherent and collaborative strategies to tackle the greatest global environmental threats.

Manta Ray Mouthparts Offer Insights into New Filtration Technologies

Researchers at Oregon State University have recently discovered that manta rays are able to filter plankton from seawater using a system never seen before in the natural or industrial world. The findings, published in Science Advances, describe a unique mechanism which resists clogging and therefore offers a new approach for designing filtration systems on an industrial scale.




Global environmental monitoring experts Ocean Scientific International Ltd (OSIL) are pleased to release a new Microplastics Sampler for the collection of water samples for the analysis of microplastics.

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