Navigating the Future of Fish Farming Sustainably with Virtual Prototyping

In the future of humanity’s sustenance, a captivating tale unfolds, one where the role of fish protein takes center stage. Unlike conventional livestock, it emerges as a beacon of sustainability, holding a pivotal position in our collective mission to combat the climate crisis. The reduction in emissions it promises is nothing short of essential.

But there’s a twist to this narrative. As Modela ventures from onshore to offshore in the world of fish farming, the carbon footprint looms large. To navigate these challenging waters, Modela embarks on a quest marked by piloting, testing, and decision-making. This journey is filled with complexities, involving time, financial investments, risks, and uncertainties, especially in the unforgiving conditions of offshore farm pits.

Yet, there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Modela can chart a more efficient course by first delving into the realm of virtual operations, often referred to as a “digital twin.” This groundbreaking approach adds an extra layer of insight to its decision-making process. Thanks to advancements in computer science, numerical methods, and computing power, Modela can now conjure up a virtual representation of the processes at hand.

This virtual prototyping and piloting, known internally in Modela as VPP, becomes its testing ground for assessing the effectiveness of new technologies such as artificial upwelling systems or bubble curtains technologies designed to safeguard fish cages from invasive blooms and improve the nutrients conditions of the water where fish are located. The equations governing these systems have been with Modela for ages, and now, it has the tools to wield their power in the fight for sustainable and climate-friendly fish protein production.

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